Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Medicine

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Dr. Saya Nagori on her unique career path:

After completing a fellowship in ophthalmology, I knew I wanted to expand my career beyond clinical medicine. I felt that digital health tools and telemedicine could provide a more efficient way to help patients. So in 2015, I co-founded SimpleHealth with two other partners. This start-up venture that began with three people has now grown into a well-known telemedicine company with over 70 employees.

While we didn’t know that COVID would change the world of medicine and telehealth dramatically and for the better, it was wonderful to be experienced in the online space when everything closed down so we could continue to serve our customers seamlessly.

I plan to continue to innovate and find digital solutions to make the world of healthcare more efficient and more accessible to everyone. For example, I recently started FemHealthProject, which has two primary program elements:

Lectures and courses bringing evidence-based medicine to patients from board-certified physicians.
FemHealth Purpose Summit provided participants with an inside look at the career paths of nearly 16 C-suite level female leaders in the healthcare industry ranging from CEOs of multi-million dollar companies to visionaries in the health tech space.
We have a large community of physicians, medical students, and premed students who are working together to further our mission. Anyone interested in getting involved can message us on Instagram @femhealthproject.